So you want to know when the next PhiLSAT will be? See below and mark your calendar for PhiLSAT 2017.

PhiLSAT 2017
PhiLSAT on Sept 24, 2017


Next PhiLSAT will be on Sept 24, 2017. For registration details, please view here. For details about LEB, visit their website at


28 thoughts on “Next PhiLSAT

  1. Hi!I have an honor graduate eligibility but I graduated last 2010. According to a source, they stop granting graduates to have a professional civil service eligibility in pursuant to Presidential Decree No. 907 since 2010. Is that true? If so, are we exempted to take the exam since we were the last batch of graduates who received a certificate?

  2. Just to clarify po.. Are those who Graduated Cum laude and Civil service (Prof) passer, but no LEB exemption, exempted to take the philsat exam?

      1. what if i am a candidate gor a latin award but the release date will be on May,am i able to file an exemption by that date or not?

  3. I graduated last March 2013 as Cum Laude and I already have my CS Eligibility certification pursuant to Presidential Decree No. 907. Do I still need to take PhilSAT?If yes, how can I apply for exemption? Thank you so much

  4. Hi! I have the same question with Ynna (September 5, 2017)

    How long is the validity of the philsat examination results? Would it be possible to take this year and enroll next year?

  5. Hello! I graduated with latin honors in 2009 yet i didn’t enjoy the CS Eligibility certification pursuant to Presidential Decree No. 907 coz i took the LET ,and is now a License teacher…Do i still need to take PhilSat to enroll for law school? thanks

  6. Hi! May I know when will the next PhilSAT after April 8, 2018 be? Will there be another this year? Or next year na po ulit? And if I did not graduated with latin honors but passed the CS examination, is it possible to be exempted? Thank you.

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