Want to know PhiLSAT registration process? You will find below all the pieces of information you need to know about PhiLSAT registration based on the Legal Education Board (LEB):

Qualified Applicants

As specified in LEBMO No. 7, you are qualified to take the PhiLSAT if you are a:

  1. Graduate of a 4-year bachelor’s degree, or its equivalent, from duly recognized higher education institutions in the Philippines
  2. Graduating student of a 4-year bachelor’s degree, or its equivalent, from duly recognized higher education institutions in the Philippines at the end of the school year when the PhiLSAT is administered
  3. Graduate from foreign higher education institutions with degrees equivalent to a 4-year bachelor’s degree as certified by the Commission on Higher Education

A qualified examinee may take the PhiLSAT for as many times as he/she wants, without any limit (LEBMO No. 7, Qualified examinees).

Honor graduates granted professional civil service eligibility pursuant to Presidential Decree No. 907 who are enrolling within two (2) years from their college graduation are exempted from taking and passing the PhiLSAT for purposes of admission to the basic law course (LEBMO No. 7, Exemption).  Application for exemption shall be filed directly with the LEB.

Requirements for PhiLSAT registration

Ensure that you have the following before you register:

  1. A valid e-mail account which you will use for your online application.
  2. One recent unretouched digital photo with these specifications: 2″x 2″ or at least 600×600 pixels, with white background.
  3. A valid Passport if you are NOT a Filipino citizen.

PhiLSAT Registration Procedure

  1. Accomplish the PhiLSAT registration form online. Fill out the required fields in the form. Please make sure that all information entered is true and correct.  You are responsible for ensuring that your contact information is correct and current at all time.
  2. Proceed with accomplishing online the Student Information Questionnaire (SIQ).
  3. Choose your preferred mode of payment — either by credit card or by bank payment.
  4. Check your e-mail account — inbox and spam mailbox — for your PhiLSAT Identification (ID) Form and a confirmation of your payment if you paid by credit card. Download and print a copy of your PhiLSAT Identification (ID) Form. You will need to submit it on the test day.
  5. If you need to change some or all the information given on your PhiLSAT ID Form, follow the instructions below.

Editing of PhiLSAT ID Form

Editing of PhiLSAT ID Form can only be done during registration period. Follow these steps:

  1. Click the Edit Registration link under the Online Options of this website and proceed accordingly. This option is automatically disabled once the PhiLSAT registration period is over.
  2. If changes have been made successfully, you will receive a new PhiLSAT ID Form. Discard immediately your old PhiLSAT ID Form. Print the updated version.  You shall submit it on the test day.

Payment Procedure for PhiLSAT registration

You can pay online using a credit card or go through an over-the-counter transaction at the bank. Payment should be made on or before the deadline for PhiLSAT registration. Please note that you are NOT completely registered or fully qualified to take the PhiLSAT if you have NOT paid the PhiLSAT testing fee even if you have already downloaded, printed, and accomplished your PhiLSAT ID Form.

  1. If you choose to pay by bank deposit, you must go to the nearest Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI) branch and accomplish a Deposit/Payment Slip using the bank reference number and CEM BPI account number given on your PhiLSAT Identification Form.
  2. If you choose to pay by credit card, you will be directed to the website of BPI SecurePay and will be instructed accordingly until payment is successful.

NOTICE: Review centers are NOT authorized to collect or accept in behalf of CEM any PhiLSAT testing fee from PhiLSAT applicants. Any incident arising from your dealings with a review center, or any such entity, is solely your responsibility.

Confirmation of payment

  1. Credit card payments are automatically confirmed by e-mail once payment is successful. Check your e-mail account, both your inbox and spam mailbox, for your PhiLSAT ID Form and payment confirmation.
  2. If you pay through BPI, you shall receive a payment confirmation e-mail in your inbox (or spam mailbox) after two (2) business days.
  3. All examinees shall get their CEM Official Receipt (OR) together with their official PhiLSAT Certificate of Eligibility (COE) or Certificate of Grade (COG).

Examination Pass

Go back to this website two (2) weeks before the test date and click on the link for Room Assignment to know your test site and room assignment. Download and print your PhiLSAT Examination Pass. If your PhiLSAT Application Number is not included in the list, call the PhiLSAT Secretariat at (02) 813-3686 or 813-3694 to 95 local 108 immediately.

Test Day Instructions

  1. Report to the Test Site before 7:00 a.m.
  2. Examinee must bring the following documents and materials:
    • PhiLSAT Identification (ID) Form
    • Notarized Official Certification from the college/university Registrar that the applicant is either a GRADUATE (with details of bachelor’s degree received, year of graduation, granting institution and its address) or a CANDIDATE FOR GRADUATION (with details of the course enrolled in, expected date of graduation, and name of institution with its address)
    • Valid School or Government-issued ID (e.g. Passport, Driver’s License, PRC ID, etc.)
    • Examination Pass (to be downloaded from this website two weeks before test date)
    • Pencils (no. 2 or HB) with/and eraser
    • Transparent plastic envelope for personal valuables and other allowed items
  3. Applicant is also advised to wear appropriate attire for air-conditioned testing rooms.

PhiLSAT Results

Your PhiLSAT scores will appear on the Master List of Test Results that will be sent to the Legal Education Board (LEB) and all Philippine law schools.

Click on the link for Test Results under the Online Options of this website to view and/or download an electronic copy of your test results twenty-one (21) days after the test date. The electronic copy is NOT valid for admission purposes. It is only meant to make you understand your scores to help you decide to which Philippine law schools to apply and whether or not you will retake the test.

Your PhiLSAT scores will be printed in the Certificate of Eligibility (COE) or Certificate of Grade (COG). The original three copies of the COE/COG will be mailed (at the mailing address indicated on the PhiLSAT ID Form) or be ready for pickup (at the CEM testing center indicated also on the PhiLSAT ID Form) forty-five (45) days after the test date.

You can personally request and pick up copies of your COE/COG at the CEM Head Office, Makati City. You must present a valid ID if you will personally pick up your COE/COG.

If your authorized representative will request and/or pick up your COE/COG, the following documents should be presented:

  1. Your signed Authorization Letter
  2. Photocopy of your valid ID
  3. Valid ID of the representative

Source: Center for Educational Measurement, Inc. (CEM)

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  4. I just have a question regarding qualified applicants. How does it impact schools with different academic calendars? For example, some schools still start in June, but a lot of the big universities now start school in August.

  5. I’m thinking of going to law school, but my bachelor’s degree was from 10 years ago. Will I still be eligible to take the PhiLSAT?

    1. No official announcement yet as of this writing. But it is said to have another PhiLSAT this coming September.

  6. Good day Sir/Maam,
    Im Pinsp Tasarra from Pnp Maritime group. Im an aspiring law student who want to take the PHILSAT exam. I have a question sir/maam, if ever I passed the exam does it have a validity date or once I,ve passed the exam is it valid whenever I want to use it to enroll in any law school?
    Hoping for your response, thank you sir/maam.

  7. No expiration or validity period. Once you’ve pass, you are qualified. But please take note that some law schools require high PhILSAT score

    1. This is inaccurate. You Certificate of Eligibility, which will be issued once you pass the exam, will only be valid for the next two years. Please review LEBMO No. 7.

  8. Do you know when the next philsat exam will be?
    I had the undertaking processed and if i miss it, my 1st sem will be invalid
    I cant find the process or next step for my situation and the date for the exam.
    help pls

  9. Do you know when the next philsat exam will be?
    I had the undertaking processed and if i miss it, my 1st sem will be invalid
    I cant find the process or next step for my situation and the date for the exam.

  10. Good day! Where shall I submit my application for condition admission? I already have it notarized. Shall I send it in Makati or your new office in UP? Thank you.

  11. Will i be allowed to take the exam f i can only bring original TOR and diploma without notarized certification of graduation from my school..my school s n manila and m presently working here n tuguegarao city..

    1. You must have CERTIFIED true copy of grades, not notarized. Your school will provide certified true copy of grades if not TOR

  12. How about if I have honor graduate eligibility taken April 2014, is that still valid to use as exemption in taking the PhilSat?

  13. Hello, I have few questions.
    1)I graduated w/ honors year 2012. If I can produce a COE from CSC will I be exempted to take the PhiLSAT?
    2)I’m currently working full time and i’m wondering how many years the actual Law study would take and if it’s even possible to take up the course while working.

    1. Yes, you are exempted. Taking up Law requires time, dedication, and perseverance. I know a lot of people who managed to to complete the course while studying in 7 years.

    2. The exemption applies only to those who are enrolling within the first 2 years from their college graduation. You are no longer exempted from taking the PHILSAT. LEBMO No. 7 should have all the answers. I don’t recommend this thread for accurate representation of PHILSAT guidelines.

  14. can i bring my diploma instead of TOR or Certificate of graduation on the day of the examination? i havent been able to get a hold of my TOR yet as i have not yet finished my terminal clearance of my school for my TOR. thanks for the reply

  15. Hi,

    Just wanted to ask, if the aspiring law student graduated his/her baccalaureate degree in 2011 with honor, would he/she still be exempted from taking the LSAT?


  16. Hello. I have question. I graduated college last 2004 with latin honors. Can I use it as exemption in taking the Philsat examination?

  17. I will be graduating by July and I am running for a latin but the release date of the latin award is by May, am I able to file an exemption after the release or not?

  18. How will i be able to pickup my COE or COG? My address is in marawi city and currently we cant receive through mail.

  19. hi where could i register or submit application for the test tried the cem website but i couldn’t register for the september exam schedule..

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