PhilSAT Facts. Philippine Law School Admission Test (PhiLSAT) is a qualifying exam for aspiring law students. Starting the academic year 2017-18, aspiring law students are required to take the PhiLSAT before they can be admitted to any law school, according to a Legal Education Board memorandum issued on December 29, 2016.

When is PhiLSAT? No official announcement released yet regarding the PhiLSAT schedule. But the first ever PhiLSAT was administered on April 16, 2017. The Center for Educational Measurement, Inc. (CEM) has been accredited to manage the affairs and activities related to the operation of the PhiLSAT. With CEM’s experience as an educational testing agency, it was commissioned to develop the PhiLSAT, ensure the reliability and validity of the test, and uphold the confidentiality of results and integrity of its administration.

Where to take? It can be taken in 7 sites around the country:

  1. Baguio City,
  2. Metro Manila,
  3. Legazpi City,
  4. Cebu City,
  5. Iloilo City,
  6. Davao City, and
  7. Cagayan de Oro City.

When is the registration? Online registration is available thru

How much is the fee? There will be an examination fee not exceeding P1,000. The testing fee is non-refundable.  Failure to take or complete the test on the scheduled test date under any circumstances forfeits your testing fee.

What is the passing score? It was initially announced that 55% is the passing score. But when the results of the first ever PhiLSAT was released, the passing grade was adjusted to 45% as a consideration because the examinations have limited review materials.

How long is the exam? PhiLSAT has a time limit of up to 3 hours.

What is the coverage of the exam? The PhiLSAT is going to be multiple choice, covering the following areas:

  1. Communication and Language Proficiency
  2. Critical thinking skills
  3. Verbal Reasoning
  4. Quantitative Reasoning

If I pass, does this mean I can go to any Law School I want to enroll in? Yes, but your prospected Law School has prerogative to require you to take supplementary exam. In UP, for example, you still have to pass its UP Law Aptitude Exam.

Who are qualified to take PhiLSAT? You are qualified to take the PhiLSAT if you are a:

  1. Graduate of a 4-year bachelor’s degree, or its equivalent, from duly recognized higher education institutions in the Philippines.
  2. Graduating student of a 4-year bachelor’s degree, or its equivalent, from duly recognized higher education institutions in the Philippines at the end of the school year when the PhiLSAT is administered.
  3. Graduate from foreign higher education institutions with degrees equivalent to a 4-year bachelor’s degree as certified by the Commission on Higher Education

A qualified examinee may take the PhiLSAT for as many times as he/she wants, without any limit

Who are exempted to take PhiLSAT? Honor graduates granted professional civil service eligibility, who are enrolling within 2 years from their college graduation, are exempted from taking the test. Those exempted from the exam will have to submit civil service recognition to the LEB.

What are the requirements? Ensure that you have the following before you register:

  1. A valid e-mail account that you will use for your online application
  2. An unretouched digital photo that meets the following specifications:
    1. Must be 2” x 2”, colored, with white background
    2. The height of the head (top of hair to bottom of chin) should measure 1 inch to 1 3/8 inches (25 mm – 35 mm)
    3. Taken within the last six (6) months to reflect your current appearance
    4. The image pixel dimensions must be in a square aspect ratio (meaning the height must be equal to the width). Minimum acceptable dimensions are 600 x 600 pixels.
    5. The file size must be less than or equal to 2 MB
    6. Must be in JPG or PNG file format
    7. NO “selfies” or improper poses. Your digital photo will appear on your PhiLSAT Identification (ID) Form, Examination Pass, and on your Certificate of Eligibility (COE) or Certificate of Grade (COG)
  3. A passport, particularly for applicants from foreign countries

Click here to go know more about PhiLSAT registration. For PhiLSAT reviewer, visit

71 thoughts on “PhiLSAT FACTS

      1. But if you are an honor graduate yet your college graduation happened more than 2 years ago, still u are required to take the PhilSat.

  1. Hi, I’m a CPA and a graduate with honor. Do i still have to submit a CoE issued by CSC? I heard board passers are not issued CSC COEs unless they’ve opted to take the exam and passed.

    1. Certificate of Eligibility is issued by CSC to graduates with “Laude” on their diploma/transcript. If you graduated with that distinction, then you are exempted to take PhiLSAT. Just present your COE

  2. Hello, I already passed Philsat exam last April. May I ask what should I do to claim my results? Philsat did not email me the results because I was not able to have my Certification (Graduating Student) duly notarized prior the exam proper and was not able also to submit the document within the five (5) days as prescribed by the CEM. Would appreciate objective response 🙂

    1. Hi! does the CEM requires you to present original copy of the certification or the photocopy will do? hope to receive a response from you. thanks.

  3. Hi already passed the csc professional exam even before my graduation . I’m cum laude but my csc license is not because of my honoree but because i took the exam. For these philsat exemption do i still have to get another certificate from civil service that i am with honor?

  4. Hi I am not a Laude Graduate but I am have already passed the Professional Civil Service Exam even before I graduated, am I exempt to take PhilSat?

  5. Hi I am not a Laude Graduate but I have already passed the Professional Civil Service Exam even before I graduated, am I exempt to take PhilSat?

  6. Hi! The applicant is not an honor graduate but passed the professional Civil Service examination, will he/she be exempted? Thank you!

  7. Can students be allowed to enroll in a Law school even if they have not taken the Philsat? and they will just need to present a promisory note that they will take the next Philsat exam?

  8. Hi! does the CEM requires you to present original copy of the certification or the photocopy will do? hope to receive a response from you. thanks.

  9. I understand that the requirements for taking the exam are;

    1. original or photocopy of TOR
    2. Certificate of Graduation duly notarized
    3. Certification (for graduating students)

    Now my question is, does the CEM accepts photocopied Certificate of Graduation (notarized) or they really need the original notarized certification from your school registrar’s office? Hope to receive a response from you. Godbless

  10. Hi,

    May I ask what is the passing score and rate for the Philsat exam we took last September 2017?

    Thank you.

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  12. Hi! Here’s the thing. I graduated last April 2016 with a laude and I’m thinking about entering law school this year. Will I still qualify for the exemption? If yes, how can I secure the proof of exemption from LEB? Hope you can help me. Thanks!

  13. Hi. I graduated as cum laude on april 2014. Am i still exempted from taking the philsat? The guidelines stated “within 2 years after graduation” so how about those honor graduates who graduated prior to the implementation of the Philsat?

  14. good afternoon! tanong ko lang po sana kung may certain year of validity lang po ba ang PhilSat examination? halimbawang hindi ka pa po naadmit to any law school after passing? maraming salamat po.

  15. How do I apply for an exemption from PhilSAT? What are the steps? I graduated with latin honors last April 2016 and was able to secure a certificate from CSC on the same year.

  16. Sir good day! I am a csc professional eligible but, graduated college without honors. Am I still exempted to take the exam since I had career service Prof eligibility already?ty

  17. hi. i want to ask if the valid id needed for the philsat exam day must be a digitized one or a bir tin id is okay?

  18. Hi, thanks for this informative read! By the way, I just want to ask: what if I decide to enroll next year, can I use this year’s PhiLSAT result?

    I have tried searching for the answer online but I cant find any.

  19. Hi. I just like to confirm when will I get my PhiLSAT ID form? I registered today 3/10/18, Saturday.

  20. Good Morning! May i ask what is the next scheduled for Philsat examination? hoping for a response from you, Thank you.

  21. where is the exact address of LEB?, I’m from the province of Isabela po kasi and magsusubmit po sana ako ng csc sa LEB for my excemption on taking PHILSAT as a laude graduate

  22. Hi! I I am already a csc professional eligible before I graduated in college with honors. Do I still have to get a HGE grant by the CSC ? or I will just submit my Cert. of Eligibility to the LEB as a requirement for the exemption? Or they are just the same thing? Thank you!

  23. Hi, Can students be allowed to enroll in a Law school even if they have not pass the Philsat? and can they present a promisory note that they will take the next Philsat exam?

  24. Why is that the PhiLSAT eligibility has a validity period of 2 years? If you took exam and passed the exam at once but failed to enroll within 2 years, does that mean you have to retake the exam? Is this some kind of lucrative strategy for the examiner?

  25. I already enrolled from other law school before Philsat was implemented. But i plan to transfer to new law school near soon. Do i still need to take Philsat. If no, what are the requirements?

    By the way, i passed the Civil Service Exam Professional Level already. Will that be the same as those college graduate exempted from taking their CS Exam. Tnx

  26. Hi. I took the Philsat last April 8, 2018. I passed and rceived the electronic results via email, but it says it’s not valid for admission purposes and passers should wait for the Certificate of Eligibility 45 days after taking the test. The enrolment is on May 15 and I havent received my COE yet. Can I just present the electronic test scores in place of COE during the enrolment? Thank you.

  27. Hi. My last attendance in College of Law was in 2002. I’ve taken 72 units already. I have a Civil Service Eligibility (Professional) and I finished Doctor of Education recently. Do I need to take that PhiLSAT?

    If I happen to take that PhiLSAT and passed it, do I need to go back to freshman?

  28. hi po. if i take philsat this year and pass, can i use it a year after the result of my examination? i mean 2 years after i pass? does the philsat have an expiration date? pls reply po

  29. Good day! I have already earned units before philsat was implemented. Then i stopped law school. I want to go back and finish it. Do i still hav to take philsat? Thanks for the reply.

  30. I enrolled in law on the 1st semester of 2016. Am I exempted to take the PHILSAT given that I enrolled before the issuance of the memo released by LEB?

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